Thin Hair Thick – A Natural Hair Blend Solution

Crown Hair Extensions Toppers seamlessly blend into your own natural hair.  As a real family of thin-haired women, we are vastly different from our competition because we are all end-users of our product. Our innovative stretchable hair topper creates the look that you have been aiming to achieve. We have experienced the traditional methods of hair extensions and crown hair toppers and have been left desiring more. The old methods of adding length and volume have been at the expense of damaging your own hair. Even the most friendly of methods, like clips, will put stress on the hair and eventually cause breakage. The drive to solve this problem led us to create something that would gives us the volume and length we wanted without the damage to our own hair. No glues, no clips, no anchors and best of all: No damage!

Crown Hair Extensions Toppers

Crown Hair Extensions Toppers provide coverage where and how you need it most. About 70% of all women will experience thinning hair extensions at some point. Most of those women will notice a diffuse thinning of hair on the crown and sides of their head, with the back of the hair remaining stable. Traditional hair extensions do not address the crown and side volume loss because they are applied on the back of the head. Though this method may be discreet it damages and does not provide a solution for most women.

How do you need your coverage? Well, nothing too high-tech here, just plain common sense. We determined that the coverage needs to be secure enough so that if you want to do a cart-wheel or Beyonce hair flip, everything stays in tact . Don’t fret when a strong wind blows, and don’t opt out of your active lifestyle. Our secure and stretchable hair band will allow you to run that marathon and then some. That’s something that hair on a string can never promise. Our innovative design gives you all the hair you could ever want without the pain of traditional toppers and extensions. Because comfort is confidence and confidence is a Crown Hair Extensions Topper.

Skilled Hair Artisans

We have an in-house designer that works with a select handful of skilled artisans. We custom create our products with the individual in mind–there’s no mass production here.  There is an obvious difference in the quality of our product because we use premium grade hair and materials. We have a strong commitment to offer only the best. We realize that hair is so closely intertwined with confidence, and agree that hair is your best accessory. As such, we give it the attention is deserves, and nothing less.

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