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Top Three Pros of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair in a range of colors

If you were to ask me a few years ago when I started my hair-wearing journey which I preferred between human hair or synthetic, I would have unequivocally proclaimed human hair. My rationale went something like this: my own hair is a wavy/frizzy texture, therefore I need human hair so it will blend in better.  […]

Help, my hair topper is hurting me!

Another email rolled in today that started, “What am I going to look like by the time I am 50?! Clips and thinning hair just don’t mix well. It’s so painful to wear my hair piece topper. I took my hair extensions out thinking this would save my hair from more shedding and thinning but […]

Hair  Extensions–The Tangled Mess and Three Tips to Buy Responsibly

Hair  Extensions–The Tangled Mess and Three Tips to Buy Responsibly There is a mentality that bigger is better: big hair, big lips, big eyes. What happens when the beauty industry’s demand outpaces natural supply?  When it comes to hair extensions, the answer is a tangled mess.  Beauty and ethics often collide with a terrible force […]