Human Hair: Medium Length 14-15 inch Headband Topper


14-15 inch Hair Headband Extension Topper for the crown and sides of the head–Shoulder Length Topper is made with premium human hair and a fine base material consisting of lace and silk. Our proprietary design application means “No Glues, No Clips, No anchors And Best Of All No Damage.”  Our human hair is sourced using a selective method that procures only the best quality hair. The benefits of human hair include the ability to color and heat style it as desired. This versatility can lend itself to curls one day and straight the next, and can withstand highlights or low-lights. The silk top scalp design offers the most realistic illusion of hair growing straight from the scalp. Of course, the best part of our innovative design is the fact that you can enjoy wearing the hair with zero pain. It’s all volume, no vicious!

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