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When the ladies at ThinHairThick sat down at the kitchen table and hashed out their requirements for a comfortable hair piece, it was unanimous: No Clips! We all “wear” hair and know that clips equal headaches and MORE hair loss.

Really, who doesn’t love the coverage that a hair topper provides? But, the irony of the hair topper is apparent. The very thing that helps women cover their thinning and fine hair is also a guilty culprit. It covers your thin hair while making it thinner! It’s a vicious cycle that ends only after you’ve become a candidate for a wig. There is no reason to let that happen! Images of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree come to mind just thinking of these conventional toppers. Fine hair simply can’t tolerate the constant weight of daily worn hair toppers. Unfortunately, the same is true for clip-in hair extensions, or any hair extension that anchors or bonds your hair with added weight.

After we made the decision to be clip-free, we ran into a series of brick walls. Logistically, we had to ensure that a hair piece could stay put without the use of any form of pressure on the hair.  We looked at products like the halo hair extensions on a fishing string that provide length in the back.  And while such products didn’t create pressure on the head, it didn’t provide coverage on the top and sides, where women need volume most. There was also a concern that athletic and active women needed to have something stable enough to tote kids around, run marathons, and do cartwheels on windy days, if they so desired. In short, hair products that rely on fishing line simply lack the stability to be able to stand up to the every day challenges that women perform.

So, how does this awesome display of voluminous hair stay put?  We crafted a patented product using an interlocking velvet band and comb method, to ensure that you get the secure coverage you need, without the damage or pain. It’s the first ever stretchable hair topper. Come join us in turning the world of hair extensions upside down with this innovative advancement in hair care.

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